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Arushi Grover (she/her/hers) is a dramaturg, playwright, and literary scholar, specializing in Shakespeare's work, Golden Age American musical theatre, and narrative theory. Hailing from Downingtown, PA, she is passionate about creating narrative and theatre that allows audiences and artists to feel and identify authentically. 

As a dramaturg, Arushi works as a researcher, a narratological advisor, and an producer of outreach initiatives for theatrical productions. As a Shakespearean theatre artist, Arushi's dramaturgy credits involve A Midsummer Night's Dream (Sam Osheroff) and Twelfth Night (Mary Rose Valentine, forthcoming in 2022); Arushi's work centers around making canonical works relevant and accessible to modern audiences. As a musical theatre dramaturg, Arushi enjoys working with collaborator, director Jennifer Delac on works with the theme of redemption, including The Last Five Years and Brigadoon (forthcoming in 2022.) Additionally, Arushi aims to make theatre meaning-centered in making dramaturgy a central part of the process, a principle she is pursuing while working on dramaturgy for Mountain Language (Jeanmarie Higgins and Michele Dunleavy, forthcoming in 2022). 

As a playwright, Arushi's play Capitaux: An Allegorical Headache has been accepted into Penn State's B.A. New Works Festival and will receive a reading and designs in spring of 2022. She is an advocate for the use of verse in contemporary plays, such as in her short play, Melancholia.

As a literary scholar, Arushi is passionate about the role of theory in illuminating the practical production of narrative. She enjoys exploring comparative studies, narrative theory, and medium (including film and theatre). 

Arushi is currently pursuing a B.A. in Theatre Studies, English, and Comparative Literature at the Pennsylvania State University.



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